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First Holy Communion 2016

5 Children received their First Holy Communion on 8th May 2016



Every Christian is needed in the fight against abortion. Here is an outline of becoming a missionary to the unborn


Celebration, work and prayer

“May we always recognize the family as the privileged place to understand, guide and sustain the gifts which arise from our celebrations, especially the Sunday Eucharist.”


Father’s day

God gave me the greatest gift I ever had, God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad.


Pope Francis 10 Tips for Lent

“We all need to improve, to change for the better. Lent helps us and thus we leave behind old habits and the lazy addiction to the evil that deceives and ensnares us.”


Pope Francis’ suggested New Year’s resolutions

“Take care of your family life, giving your children and loved ones not just money, but most of all your time, attention and love.”


Pope’s warning

“This is a society of orphans. Let’s think about this, eh? It’s important. Dad is tired, mum is tired, they go to sleep… And the children remain orphaned.”


Elderly people and grandparents Day

The Pontifical Council for the Family is organizing a day dedicated to the elderly


20 Ways to Teach Children to Pray

The single most powerful thing Catholic parents can do for their children is teach them to pray.