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Lent is a season of purification

Lent a time to focus on greater communion with God


Importance of daily prayers

Praying can become a most satisfying routine in many ways. You can develop a fuller relationship with God and live a better life through prayer.


Guidance for young parents: Importance of Big Families

When there are many children, the youngsters are spared the boredom of loneliness and the discomfort of having to live in the midst of adults all the time.


Madyapanam Aruthe

Speech against the Alcohol Usage and its problems by Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil, the founder and Director of Sehion Retreat center.


Importance of Grandparents to Their Grandchildren

My four-year-old daughter asks about her deceased grandparents almost daily. Her question to me or her mother usually goes something like this: “Will we see Grandma and Grandpa again someday?”…

15 Secrets of Happy Families

Does yours fit the portrait of a happy family? If not, don’t despair.

Talking with your child’s pediatrician about behavioral problems and medication

As a parent, if your child appears to have a behavioral or mood problem, you may worry about the best way to get help and treatment.

8 keys to keeping kids Catholic

“I can’t understand it!” she wailed. “I sent her to Catholic school for 12 years and she doesn’t even go to church!”